Ways to Welcome your Newly Adopted Child Home

Welcoming your newly adopted child after months or years of waiting can be one of the happiest days of your life. You’ve taken all the right precautions, followed the adoption agency’s terms and guidelines, and visited your child multiple times before the adoption process was completed. You may feel like you’ve been prepared for this moment since you first met your newest family member, but preparing for such a radical change takes a lot ore time and effort than you may expect. Here are a few essential tips for welcoming your child home:


Share Details of your Honest Home Life

If you’re adopting beyond the infant stage, chances are the child is accustomed to foster homes or an unstable home life, so embracing an entirely different lifestyle and place to call home can be overwhelming. Be sure to share honest facts about what your home is like and how your newly adopted son or daughter will enjoy it and what they can expect. Be sure to tell them that they’ll have their own place and possessions to enjoy with your family.

Learn about Your Child

Although you may have certain things already picked out for your child, it’s important to consider what he or she likes before preparing your home for his or her homecoming. Buying items or decorating a room in a style your child loves will be sure to put a smile on his or her face.

Express Affection

Your child may have never been given the affection and love they deserve in his or her lifetime, so during and after the homecoming is the time to do it. Allowing your child to know that you’re happy to have them and love them will promote trust later on in your relationship.

Though there’s so many ways to make your child feel safe and happy in his or her new home, these are some of the most important to stress and focus on. For more help and direction in your adoption process, feel free to contact our adoption and family law lawyers at Schulz Stephenson Law at carteretlaw.com or 252-728-7300.

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July 20, 2016 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog