Tips for Choosing the Right NC Adoption Attorney

Tips for Choosing the Right NC Adoption Attorney

The New Year often brings a feeling of refreshment, resolution, and new goals for the future. While some may be focusing on upping their fitness in 2018, others may be thinking about expanding their family. Adopting in North Carolina is no easy process; it can be complex, time consuming, and at times emotional. That is why having the right attorney to help you is necessary. There are some key factors in what to look for in an attorney to help assist you in the adoption process in North Carolina.

Deep History
Since adoption laws vary from state to state, an attorney with years of practice under their belt, in North Carolina specifically, is a must. Someone with a somewhat lengthy history of practicing adoption law is essential because they will be well versed and capable of handling any adoption situation. Their experience will allow them to answer any questions, account for any hiccups that may come up, and give the best recommendations and counsel.

Diverse Experience
Just as there are variations in the laws regarding adoption, there are also various types of adoptions. Just to name a few, stepparent adoption, re-adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption, and relative adoption are all different types of adoptions that can take place. Schulz Stephenson has represented parties in all of these different types and can anticipate what to expect from situation to situation.

The adoption process can certainly be an emotional one. You need legal counsel that will treat you with the utmost courtesy, while also remaining professional. Clients of Schulz Stephenson can be assured that their case and personal business will be kept completely private and confidential. Our lawyers are also prompt and timely when working through calls, emails, and other correspondence, as we know that time can often be of the essence in these cases.

The selfless act of adoption can bring infinite joy to parents and children alike. The process of adoption can often seem overwhelming and daunting, but with the right attorneys by your side, it does not have to be. At Schulz Stephenson, our deep history, diverse experience, and utmost professionalism have prepared us to help you overcome the (what often seems like) overwhelming or daunting process of adoption. If you and your family are considering adoption in North Carolina in 2018, contact us today.

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January 02, 2018 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog