Think of the Children: Why Co-Parenting After Divorce is Important

Many people wait years until their children are grown to divorce their spouses because they feel it will be too difficult on this kids. A noble act of selflessness in one sense, a ticking time bomb in another. If you are waiting until your kids are grown and on their own before you make this life change, you may want to reconsider. Many of these “put-off” divorces become ugly and your children will likely have a harder time trying to understand them than they would if you were to end the marriage earlier on.




We see this frequently, parents focusing on their children more so than on themselves. But putting off your divorce doesn’t have to mean letting your kids down or harming them emotionally. This is where we see the rise of effective co-parenting.


Custody battles can tear away at the seams of families with anger and bitterness. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Recently there has been a new trend amongst divorced parents that has led to calm and even friendly family dinners.


Just look at Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Their marriage of 12 years ended last year and sent Hollywood tabloids into a frenzy, but the frenzy was less about the reasons for their divorce and more about how they were handling raising their kids. Making the “children our priority” has been the couples main focus through the whole event and even though it has been admittedly hard at times, the couple continues to work this way, often going to brunch together as a family on Sundays and even taking vacations together.


While an arrangement like this will never be perfect, putting the kids first and doing what’s in their best interest allows for an easier transition and a feeling of family unity during a difficult time. If you have children and are going through, or considering  a divorce, this approach is one to consider. Divorce doesn’t have to be a life-shattering thing; make it an opportunity for growth for the whole family.


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