The Costs of Every Smoke: Tobacco and Child Custody

The health costs of smoking have become more and more transparent over decades, and thousands are trying to quit. Quitting can be hard; it’s a personal struggle. But what happens when your habit begins to seriously affect those around you? Being exposed to second-hand smoke has proven to cause long term health problems and even developmental problems in young children. Smoking around a child or having a child live in a smoky environment can be devastating to the child’s health, esteem, and future habits, and it may decrease your chances of gaining custody of the ones you love.




Just How Much Does Smoking Harm My Child?
If you are trying to quit smoking as a parent, it’s important to be vigilant, as health officials have discovered a plethora of issues that can haunt a child both now and later in life. Some of these issues include, but are definitely not limited to the following:


• Tooth decay
• Increased risk of death via SIDS in infants
• Frequent infections of the throat, ears, and sinuses
• Breathing disease like asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis
• Poor lung development (long term)
• Cataracts (long term)
• Heart disease (long term)
• Lung cancer (long term)


What Can I Do to Help My Custody Case?
First of all, dealing with custody disputes is a tough and emotional issue that can affect the entire family. To ensure a child’s safety and happiness, it’s always best to contact a trusted family law attorney, who can guide you and your family to the best, most positive decision for all parties. If there is smoking or any other health concern in a child’s environment, it’s extremely important to tell your attorney, as these can be huge factors when settling a dispute.


Many factors play into a custody dispute or decision, which is why you need a trusted and experienced family law attorney. If you’re going through a divorce, or are contemplating a separation that will involve child custody issues, contact our team at Schulz Stephenson Law and let us help ensure you receive fair and exceptional representation.


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