Sundee Stephenson Named Top Lawyer

Sundee Stephenson Named Top Lawyer

We are so pleased to announce that one of our lawyers, Ms. Sundee Stephenson, has recently been selected for inclusion into The National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers. She has been included in their Matrimonial and Family Law specialty. This honor is only awarded to a hand-selected group of lawyers to recognize them for superior skills and qualifications in the field.

Top 100 Lawyers

The National Advocates is a professional organization made up of superior lawyers from across the United States who have exhibited extraordinary qualifications in their area of law.  This organization gives accreditation to these well-deserving attorneys.

To be recognized on this exclusive list, which is limited to only 100 attorneys per state or highly populated region, attorneys must have demonstrated extraordinary abilities with exceptional results, earned a high level of respect from peers, and have remarkable client satisfaction.

Ms. Stephenson has certainly obtained exceptional results, deep respect from peers as well as clients, and high levels of client satisfaction, making her more than qualified for this award. Ms. Stephenson is a very accomplished attorney, starting her own practice in Morehead City in 2005 and eventually collaborating with Bradley Schulz in 2009 to form Schulz Stephenson Law. Her passion for family and domestic law has been present throughout her career as an attorney and even prior, when she worked as a social worker for five years. Her goal for clients is to make sure they find closure and positive resolution to their domestic matter in a timely fashion.

The National Advocates recognizes Ms. Stephenson with selection for membership as a result of her superior qualifications, leadership skills, and case results as a legal professional. We are proud of Ms. Stephenson and honored to work alongside her.

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September 20, 2016 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog