NC Adoption Requirements: What It Takes To Adopt In North Carolina

Adoption can be a beautiful decision. Many parents’ dreams of having a family have come true because of adoption, sometimes resulting in saving a child’s life and well-being. While it is a wonderful step, many prospective parents think it is a possibility unavailable to them due to an expensive legal process and the uncertainty that often occurs. While the adoption process and laws can seem daunting and confusing to many, requiring interviews, background checks, and financial investigations, many of these questions and issues can be handled with the help of a family law expert like our team at Schulz Stephenson Law.


Here’s a look at some important facts regarding adoption in North Carolina:




Adoption - Carteret Law


The minimum age for adopting another person is 18. You do not have to be married to adopt, nor do you have to be wealthy.


Outside of the legal and financial considerations, the more important aspect that a court looks at when granting an adoption is the stability and ability of the parent to care for their adoption prospect. Raising a child requires physical and mental support, as well as time and an involved, supportive extended family and network of friends. All of these things will be placed under extensive consideration when granting an adoption and it’s crucial for a prospective parent to be honest with the court and themselves when fulfilling the necessary self-assessment.


If you’re considering starting a family, or extending your current family, through adoption our team of lawyers would love to help make this dream a reality for you while ensuring a smooth and legal process. For more information about adoption laws in North Carolina, contact Schulz Stephenson Law today.


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September 03, 2015 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog