Late Term Divorce: How to Help your Teens Deal with Divorce

Late Term Divorce: How to Help your Teens Deal with Divorce

Divorce is a painful thing, but is sometimes a necessary step for a family to grow and survive. While having children is an added difficulty in the divorce process, it can take a bigger toll on older children given that many young kids will remain unaware of adult matters taking place in the home. Understandably, divorce will have a deep impact on teenagers or older adolescents as they’re old enough to realize the negative changes taking place in the family household. Divorce in a household with teenagers has proven to sometimes cause teens to act out at school, retain negative emotions, and receive lower grades.

While there are many ways to help children of all ages through the divorce process, here’s a look at a few beneficial steps to take:

Attending School Events Together as a Family

Putting differences aside for the sake of the child, especially after a fresh divorce, can prove difficult, but it’s crucial to the child moving forward. A lack of parental presence at school and sporting events can make your child feel alone and focus on the divorce when they should be focused on their studies, athletic events and extra-curricular activities. It’s important to place your spousal differences aside and focus on the child that you both love. This will ensure the child knows he/she is a priority regardless of the marital situation.

Maintain a Stable Home Life

Making the transition to separate households can be very difficult for a teen in high school. It important to have a “homebase” for any impressionable child, and maintaining a healthy set of standards in the house can help. This allows your child to feel like they still have a safe place to depend on, despite the instability often felt or experienced during divorce.

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