Creating Quality Holiday Experiences for Your Family

Creating Quality Holiday Experiences for Your Family

Although adoption is one of the more complicated areas of law we practice at Schulz Stephenson Law, it is one of the most important. We find working with families during the legal processes associated with adoption to be rewarding and gratifying.

With that being said, just as the legal process of adoption is challenging there are other challenging times families with adopted children may face. The holidays are one of those times. While these months bring increased time spent with family and friends, they can also increase the likelihood of adopted children feeling excluded and struggling to find their place amongst the family. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can implement in your home this holiday season to make sure everyone – including adopted children – feels welcome.

Maintain their previous traditions

Talk to your child and ask them if they have any memories or traditions that they used to do every year and try to recreate them. While it may not be the exact same, your child will appreciate the effort and the familiarity of old memories can make them feel more comfortable.

Create new traditions

Old traditions are great, but you may want to try a new tradition in your home this year. Maybe your child has never made a gingerbread house or been Christmas caroling, now is the perfect time for everyone to try something new. If it is a success, this can be a new family tradition carried on year after year.

Acknowledge their feelings

As with any healthy relationship, communication is key. Your relationship with your adopted child should be no different. Sit down and chat with them before the holidays and give them the rundown of what to expect. Tell them about specific family members or friends that they might be meeting and keep them informed about what will be taking place. Perhaps every year after Thanksgiving dinner, everyone gathers to watch football. Letting them know about the common practices beforehand will help them know what to prepare for and help them transition smoothly. Be sure to end the conversation by asking them if they have any specific questions and let them know you are there for them throughout the duration of the holiday season to ensure they feel at ease. Creating an open line of communication will benefit everyone in the long run.

Often times, the holidays can bring added stress despite them being a joy-filled season. Embrace new traditions, incorporate old favorites and remember that the reason for the season is really all about family and love. If you’re considering adding to your family through adoption, it would be our honor to help make that dream a reality. Contact Schulz Stephenson Law at today.

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