Will Deleting Posts Cause Trouble in Your Divorce?

78% percent of Americans agree that social media can be a great tool to communicate and connect with friends and family and share important life events and photos. Using social media has certainly become popular, but there are some consequences that can present themselves if social media is not used appropriately. Earlier this year, we discussed the effects that your posts on social media can have on your divorce. Ultimately, the best advice for social media usage during this time is to “think before you post,” but what happens when you aren’t careful with what you post?

delete social posts

We live in a world where technology is at our fingertips and the Internet is a gatekeeper to all kinds of information, both good and bad. It is important to remember that nothing ever really disappears. We understand that mistakes happen and sometimes you might post things you shouldn’t. Before you rush to the nearest computer and log into your Facebook to delete certain posts, take a second to review. Deleting these posts will not necessarily make your problems go away.

Just like you would “think before you post,” it is important to “think before you delete.” Nothing ever truly disappears on the Internet, there are always ways to dig up the incriminating information. One popular way to do this is through screenshots. In many states, screenshots and deleted posts can be used as evidence against you in court and deleting them can even be considered illegal or put you in more trouble than just the post itself would have.

If you are unsure or questioning if you should delete something, contact your lawyer for guidance. It is better to consult a professional, rather than delete it and have the post come back to haunt you at a custody hearing or divorce proceeding.

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