Custody Battles & Summer Vacations


Vacation is an opportunity to spend quality time with your children while creating lifelong memories. For many divorced parents, it is the opportunity to bond with their child without the interference of school hours or work schedules. Typically, if both parents have joint legal custody, they will uphold the obligation of acting reasonably and fairly when scheduling summer vacations.

However, with such an exciting part of the year for parents and their children, it is not uncommon to find divorced parents battling over vacation time. Some of these issues can be resolved through mature negotiations that involve the child’s best interest. When planning in advance and using open communication, couples can agree on a vacation schedule that benefits each party. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When it comes to specific details, some parents do not agree on where you are taking your child or what you are doing with your child during vacation time. Perhaps you are hoping to take your child out of the country and your ex-spouse refuses to cooperate with the idea, or maybe you simply find one parent doing everything in their power to sabotage potential vacation time. Whatever the reason, if conflict is constantly arising and you cannot work out these issues, mediating your differences through a third party can be a solution.

If you are dealing with an irrational or unreasonable ex-spouse, you may want to seek legal council to solve the matter. Sometimes it is necessary for each party to hire a child-custody lawyer in order to resolve disputes. Schulz Stephenson Law provides a safe and trustworthy environment when representing clients regarding legal matters such as custody battles and the issues that may arise throughout the process. If you are seeking legal guidance, please contact us today or visit for a consultation so that we can discuss your family law matter.

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July 10, 2016 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog