Accidents Happen, Schulz Stephenson Law Can Help

Accidents Happen, Schulz Stephenson Law Can Help

Bradley N. Schulz of Schulz Stephenson Law, for over thirty years, has been involved in handling personal injury claims for clients, who have been injured by the negligence of others, including automobile accidents. There are a few pointers that Mr. Schulz would offer, for those injured in automobile accidents:


After an accident, take pictures of the damages to your vehicle, and of any other vehicle(s) involved in the accident. If you have suffered broken bones, where a cast or other appliance has to be used, take several pictures of the cast or appliance while it is on you. Additionally, if you have suffered significant cuts or lacerations, which may result in scarring, take pictures from the initial injury, through the final scarring. If you are ordered into physical therapy by your physician, also consider having someone take pictures of you during the physical therapy process.


After an accident, you will receive different bills and statements from medical providers, and keep them in a notebook, in chronological order. You will also be given an exchange slip by the police officer, and maintain that as well. When going to any medical provider, and having to make a co-payment, keep the receipt that the medical provider gives you. Additionally, if you are spending out of pocket money for prescription drug or other incidental costs, keep all the receipts. It’s much easier to keep up with them along the way, than to try and go back and obtain them from the different providers. Additionally, if you receive any correspondence from insurance companies, or other individuals involved in the accident, maintain all of these letters in one place.


Automobile accidents have become very complicated matters in North Carolina due to recent legislation. In a consult (normally at no cost), the attorney will not only examine the liability component of your case, but the damages component, including any subrogation (repayment) matters that may be involved. After an accident, it is always helpful to have an immediate consultation with an attorney to address the various issues of your case.


After an accident, you are required by your policy of insurance, to cooperate with your insurance company, relating to the accident. You are not required to give or submit to a recorded statement to the insurance company representative for the individual that caused the accident. In many cases, private investigators are dispatched by the insurance companies to investigate an accident. These individuals are not out there to help you. These individuals are attempting to reduce the value of your case, and to hopefully obtain a statement from you that may hurt your case. Many individuals are on high-powered medications after an accident, and may not be thinking clearly at the time an insurance representative asks for a statement. Before speaking to anyone about the accident, including insurance company representatives, it is best for you to have a consultation with a personal injury attorney.


During the treatment process, doctors may give you limitations or restrictions on your work and daily life. It is recommended that you fully comply with the restrictions and orders of your doctor. Many insurance companies try to defeat claims, taking the position that the injured person did not follow medical guidance, and was uncooperative. Additionally, if your doctor has placed work restrictions on you, and you go back to work too early, or do too much too soon, this may also cause an exacerbation of the injury or new injury, and may further complicate your case. While it is sometimes inconvenient to follow the specific recommendations of the doctor, you will be much better served by doing so.


In recent years, insurance companies have attempted to make small immediate offers in cases, and have asked individuals to sign a general release. If you are presented with such a document, please have an attorney review it. There is great risk in signing the document that your claim is being settled in full, and if you later need additional treatment or surgery, the automobile liability insurance company will no longer be responsible for any charges or costs. It is always best that if you are presented with any documents by an insurance company representative, that you have an attorney review them with you before you sign the document. Once the case is settled by way of a general release, it normally ends the case. You do not need to settle your case, until you are fully aware of all injuries and damages you have sustained.


Again, have a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Bradley N. Schulz has handled personal injury cases for over thirty years throughout many counties of eastern North Carolina. In a personal injury case, Mr. Schulz will provide a free consultation for the injured person, to discuss the merits of the case. Please take the opportunity to set up a consultation as soon as you can after an automobile accident by calling Schulz Stephenson Law at (252) 728-7300 or visiting

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November 03, 2016 in Schulz Stephenson Law Blog