A New Study Finds Divorce Rates Rise in The Fall

A new season is upon us and while the temperatures are (finally) cooling off, rates for new divorce filings are rising, according to a University of Washington study. In the recently released study, researchers have discovered a pattern among spikes in filings of divorce. According to the study, these increases occur in both March and August.

divorce rates

So why do divorce rates rise this time of year?

The in-depth research accompanying this study provides insight as to why the number of filings for divorce would rise around both March and August. It is no secret that family gatherings and holiday celebrations tend to be more common during the winter and summer months. The winter is full of get-togethers for holidays that focus on family traditions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, while summer typically includes family barbeques, Fourth of July celebrations, and planned family vacations. The study cites these cultural norms of quality family time as being simply “unfathomable” for a couple to file for divorce during these seasons.

Additionally, the findings also mention that the holidays can sometimes create false-hope for couples going through turmoil or a rough patch in their marriage. A couple might think that quality time spent together celebrating holidays or vacations will repair a failing relationship. The holidays often have the opposite effect, instead of fixing the failing relationship, this time period often brings out additional problems and adds to the issues the couple is already experiencing. So as the festivities conclude, the choice to part ways usually takes place.

Whether your divorce happens to take place this autumn, or any other time through the year, we will be here to help you through the difficult process. Call Schulz Stephenson Law today if you need legal assistance and help navigating these next steps.

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